Ingenieurbüro für Baustatik
Ronald Jugl
Helmholtzstraße 1
01069 Dresden

Telefon: 0351 4716779
Telefax: 0351 4716799

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"Planundbau“ is your partner for engineering and consulting services, modifications, producing designs or even building from scratch through early involvement in projects. To achieve the best possible results for our clients, our experienced team uses a wide range of methods, techniques and cooperates with multiple partners. Due to this, planundbau can provide cost-efficient and sustainable solutions that meet the needs of the requirements of each project. Not only does our team own a comprehensive knowledge base, over the years we have built an extensive portfolio that shows our high quality and variety of applications. No matter whether it is inspection, technical advice or early planning, we can provide support in all stages of a project and deliver solutions while complying with European standards and client specifications.

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Our customers from the private sector, municipalities and industrial companies expect technically sophisticated solutions, which also include a comprehensive cost analysis.

Overview of services

  • Structural design and statics in structural and civil engineering
  • Statics in road and bridge construction
  • Commercial and industrial construction
  • Supporting structures in mechanical engineering
  • Expert opinion on structural damage
  • Insurance and liability issues
  • Site management
  • Planning up to execution supervision
  • Energy pass (DENA / BAFA certificate)
  • Restoration of wooden beam ceilings according to the "ceiling master" method
  • architectural planning

First understand, then calculate: Your planundbau team, - construction planning and statics in Dresden or in Gräfenhainichen:

What does the start of a new project look like?

Our experienced planning team devotes itself to each new task with commitment and care. At the beginning of each planning, there is the exact clarification of the respective task.

We take our time and consider together with the client / architect or other parties involved in the planning process: What is the best solution in terms of function and aesthetics? Are there any standards / building regulations etc. that must be observed?

A kind of "list of requirements" is created.

Only then does the design of the supporting structure and the mathematical proof follow - colloquially known as the "statics".


In Dresden:
T. (0351) 471 67 79
Fax (0351) 471 67 99
Funk (0162) 61 66 227


In Gräfenhainichen:
T. (034953) 25 76 70
Fax (03212) 102 76 03



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Telefon Dresden: 0351 4716779 | Fax: 0351 4716799

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